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MEI Services

MEI Delivers Exceptional Customer Service For U.S. Military, Yacht Builders and Private Boat Owners

MEI's customer service is always personal as our highly trained system engineers evaluate your boat power system and help you make changes, upgrades and complete systems that are based on your specific needs, budget, and vessel configuration. This ensures seamless integration of added equipment with your vessel's existing power system.

MEI brings nearly four decades of experience in delivering expert marine AC/DC power system solutions to the U. S. military, OEM yacht builders, power and sailboat owners and scores of private sector organizations. MEI's highly trained engineers are knowledgeable on the latest marine power system designs, equipment and product features. As a result, our staff manufactures state-of-the-art equipment and world-class technical support that the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, OEM yacht builders and private boat owners have come to expect from MEI.

Whether it involves basic operational inquiries or hands-on technical system assistance on mission-critical equipment under time-sensitive constraints, MEI support staff offers expert guidance on all facets of marine AC/DC power systems. What's more, MEI is renowned for its unrivaled system design and technical support solutions to boat owners, yacht builders, and other vessel owners via email and phone communications.

In addition to marine AC/DC power systems, MEI delivers reliable custom solutions for a broad range of energy applications, including the following:
  • Mobile, RV and Utility Service Vehicle Power Systems (Includes Ambulance, Fire and Service-Industry Vehicles)
  • Power Grid Failure/Emergency Back-up Power Systems
  • Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar Systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Telecom Site Equipment (BTS and NOC support)
  • Base Transmission Stations and Network Operations Centers
  • Remote/Harsh Environment Power System

MEI Offers Technical Support to U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy & Private Operators in "Boat-Down" Situations

The military relies on MEI for exceptional round-the-clock technical support that caters to field service technicians on active U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy fleets, as well as to anyone experiencing a "boat-down" situation. MEI begins by gathering the technician's "fault description" and any measured "on-site" data in order to identify the source of the problem. Digging deeper would involve MEI guiding the technician through an "assisted trouble-shooting" procedure that uses safe, proven diagnostic tests. These tests allow MEI trained specialists to identify and isolate the defective equipment. MEI then offers recommendations to solve the problem while helping to restore normal operation of the vessel in a highly efficient and effective manner.

MEI is the exclusive source for design, maintenance, service and repair of mission critical power systems used on the U. S. Coast Guard 47' MLB (Motor Life Boat) Fleet, as well as the U.S. Navy New 85' MARK VI Combat Craft.

MEI Supports Victron Energy Power Equipment and Balmar Alternator Systems

MEI delivers reliable support on all electrical power systems. Our customer service is always personal as MEI evaluates your boat power system and helps you make changes and upgrades based on the specific circumstances surrounding your boat or vessel.

What's more, MEI is renowned for offering objective, expert advice and guidance for boat owners, yacht builders, and other private vessel operators seeking to integrate their existing system equipment with a Victron or Balmar solution. Our trained specialists also provide product compatibility analysis over a wide range of power system equipment.

Customers whose vessels are outfitted with dual alternators can attain perfectly balanced alternator loading using the MEI-DA-I Dual High-Output Alternator Control System. Satisfied customers include the U. S. Coast Guard, the U. S. Navy, USA Racing Catamarans and private pleasure cruisers worldwide. By delivering dependable, expert support on Balmar alternator systems, MEI makes it possible for the U.S. military, as well as private boaters, to enjoy years of flawless operation.

MEI is renowned for its more than three decades of system design experience! MEI leverages this expertise for our customers through its support of in-the-field installations of Balmar alternators so U.S. military operations conducted on water run smoothly and efficiently. MEI also works closely with its customers to improve their vessels' operational capabilities beyond what OEM alternators typically provide by using Balmar High Output Alternators and regulation equipment in combination with Victron Energy's superior quality battery banks and power electronics.

MEI routinely responds to calls for technical support for Victron for boat owners whose vessels are equipped with all Victron products. Examples of these Victron products include Victron Energy Advanced Inverter/Chargers, Battery Banks and "Smart" Chargers, Converters, Inverters and Precision System Monitoring Equipment. Victron offers a 5-year warrantee on all of its products with the exception of its batteries.

MEI - Your Single-Source Power System Solutions Provider

Relying on MEI's expert engineers to maintain the integrity and operation of your vessel is more critical now than ever as system equipment and integration continues to become more complex. You can be assured that MEI engineers are highly trained in the most sophisticated marine electrical power system equipment. This allows MEI to continually provide you, our customer, with superior quality technical support!

Microtech Electronics Inc. is celebrating more than three decades of satisfied customer experiences!