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The MEI High-Output Control System Maintains Perfect Balance For Vessels with Dual-Alternator Systems

The Microtech Dual High-Output Alternator Control System is designed to balance alternator loading on marine power systems equipped with dual engines powered by dual alternators assigned to the same load or battery bank. MEI's Alternator Control System equalizes the load demands applied to alternators, engines and drive systems. The immediate benefit to vessel owners is that our one-of-a-kind custom designed product extends the service life of alternators, wiring, regulators, pulleys, belts and engines. As a result, MEI saves vessel owners and the U.S. Military money by avoiding expensive replacement and maintenance costs, as well as premature component failure.

Dual engine boats with dual alternators are required to maintain more than 'start batteries' or large DC loads during normal operations. Inverter loads such as refrigeration, HVAC, microwaves, lighting and computer systems require the stable DC voltage levels that our MEI Dual Alternator Control System delivers.

What's At Risk Without A Balancing System - Vessels with dual alternators without a balancing system typically overload the alternator from the engine that is started first, as it runs at full capacity to maintain the voltage target. This alternator will attempt to sustain this function until the load overrides its capacity or it fails. The second alternator will provide minimal or no current output until the initial alternator overloads or fails to support the voltage target. This system imbalance causes premature alternator failures, overworked engine drive systems and unnecessary bearing and belt damage. This is an industry known fault.

Benefits of MEI Dual Alternator Control System
  • On-board systems of vessels with a Microtech balanced system will be much less likely to experrience DC spikes, low or high voltage conditions and over-temperature events.

  • Our Dual Alternator Control System is designed around industry proven Balmar equipment to solve this issue while simplifying user installation by coming completely pre-wired for your vessel.

  • The MEI's exclusively designed DA-24-I Dual Alternator Control Unit allows users easy - and nearly instant-installation using just three connectors connecting the pre-wired Balmar components inside of an environmentally controlled HOFF enclosure. This is one of the most sought after benefits of the Dual Alternator Control System.

MEI "At-A-Glance" Digital System Displays for Overall System Component Status

Microtech Electronics, a single-source power system solutions provider, introduces the exclusive "At-A-Glance" digital system displays that are expertly designed to measure overall system component status. Features of this field-tested, sophisticated system include the following:
  • Port and Starboard Alternator 'Activation' and 'System Balanced' LEDs

  • Port and Starboard Real-Time Field Voltage Levels

  • Port Regulator and Starboard Regulator Digital Displays

    • Alternator Battery Voltage

    • Regulator Target Voltage

    • Regulator Battery Program

    • Regulator Charging Stage (Bulk Absorb or Float)

Real-Life Examples --> MEI Dual Alternator Control System Servicing U.S. Military
  1. Over 500 U.S. Coast Guard 47' Motor Lifeboats have enjoyed years of flawless operation. These lifeboats are equipped with 4X BALMAR 98-Series 5kW alternators balanced by 2X MEI-24-DA-I Control Systems to maintain the high current requirements needed for 2X Victron 24V/3000W/120A Inverter/Chargers. These chargers play a critical role in operating two 16,000 BTU HVAC Units as well as all other on-board vessel systems.

  2. After reviewing the necessity of this critical system requirement, the U.S. Navy has now specified that the Microtech Electronics DA-24-I Alternator Balanced System be installed on all their newest, most advanced 85' MARK VI Combat Craft presently under construction by SAFE Boats International in Tacoma, Washington.

    • Added Benefit of MEI Dual Alternator Control System to the U.S. Navy: The easy '3-Connector' installation allows for an under 5 minute field replacement of the complete MEI system control unit- dramatically reducing 'boat down' conditions for active duty vessels.

MEI-DA-24-I System Schematic (Click To View PDF)