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About Us

Currently located in Ferndale, Washington, Microtech Electronics, Inc. (MEI) was founded in 1979 in Silverdale, Washington. Our company secured the US Navy Submarine Station at Bangor, Washington, a process that required documented secret clearances.

With certified membership in the American Association for Industrial Security, Brad Johnson, the CEO and President of Microtech, was instrumental in bringing the ground-breaking technology of electronic access control to major commercial, industrial, government, and military facilities throughout the Northwest and Alaska. Brad took Microtech Electronics, Inc. in the direction of electronics research and development, providing solutions for customers such as PSE. After taking time off to sail around the world, Brad Johnson and Microtech Electronics, Inc. took a fresh look at electronic development in the field of marine power. Microtech Electronics, Inc.'s input was fundamental in theĀ development of several innovations in marine power equipment.

Moving Forward
By the mid-1990s, the technological advances of mobile power equipment promised effective solutions on a component or component-line basis. When applied in an operation system, however, integration issues created a need for system integration specialists to assure an optimal operational environment. Microtech Electronics, Inc. has an established reputation as a premier mobile power system integration provider, offering new or retrofit design solutions that work in the field, single-source wholesale major component equipment and parts, and 24/7 tech support to field technicians.

Our projects range from fleet applications, such as retrofit power system for a rescue fleet and power plants for ocean buoys, to one-of-a-kind custom designs like as a generator for a submersible vessel and various sustainable power systems for ice-bound Arctic research vessels.

Meet Brad Johnson, Our Founder & CEO
Brad Johnson has a lifetime of experience in the practical application of electrical power systems. Always excited by emerging innovations in the field of power electronics, Brad's passion is analyzing a system's requirements and combining appropriate products to create extremely efficient and effective integrated systems.